Child Care

Minimum 4 hours starting at $25 per hour.  An experienced childcare professional will meet you at your accommodations.  We will ask you a few questions about your child or children to make sure we provide you with the best possible sitter.  Rates are double during peak times and holidays.

Ski School and Daycare

Both resorts offer ski school and daycare.  They pride themselves in hiring the best possible ski instructors and nanny’s.  Different programs are available for different ages and abilities. There are also several drop in day care facilities.  Just in case you only want to drop off your child for an hour or two or half day.  Rates will vary throughout the season.  Please contact us for rates.  


From trampolines to bouncy houses, just let us know what your kid is craving to do!  Many of the activities on our activity page are also fun for toddlers and big kids too!  Please let us know your child or children’s ages and we will be happy to send you detailed information about local activities that will fit their needs.